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In The Winery

            Sample Your Juices & Wines

            By: Thomas J. Payette, Winemaking Consultant

                       Representative Sampling                   to take winemaking action on a wine only later to
                                                                 find out the action was not necessary.
            W          hile in the lab, and tasting wine at        How often does a winemaker go into the cellar,

                       blending session etc, the winemaking
                       team spends considerable time on get-
                                                                 test, tasting analysis or blending trial on the sample
            ting procedures and processes correct to run each    select a sample of wine and then run a particular
            particular test on a sample of wine or juice.  Yet,   drawn?  Are these test(s) run with confidence?  Do
            equally as important, if not more, are we obtain-    these numbers reflect the true tank’s contents?  Do
            ing data and flavors that represents that particular   we need to sample each individual 60 gallon barrel
            batch or tank of wine?  Has the sample, in any way,  and spend countless hours in the laboratory?  Not
            been compromised so that it does not reflect the     necessarily unless the winemaker suspects a certain
            tank or lot of wine intended?  One would not want    flaw to be identified with a particular vessel.  If that
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