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In The Winery

               and our regular employees trained on safety is a
               priority for us. Then, of course, reviewing grapes,
               barrels and all other harvest ingredients before the
               fruit starts to come in.”

                 Andrade says Trinchero Family Estates has an
               intensive, year-round equipment maintenance
               protocol to accommodate its massive operational
               needs. Its COVID-19 protocols include on-site test
               kits and a company-instituted emergency response            Make Every
                                                                        Grape Count!
                 “This year, we’ve added a complete backup team
               called the Winemaking Response Team, which are
               individuals within our organization who can be          Enhance Red Wine Extraction Process
               activated if our labor force should be depleted due     with Pulsair System’s
               to COVID-19. This team is being safety trained and
               trained to jump in with a day’s notice to support                 • Cap Managament
               harvest activities at any site.”
                                                                                   • Wine Blending
                 In Washington state’s Yakima Valley, Two
               Mountain Winery begins fruit picking around             Solutions for all sizes of wineries
               mid-August, transferring grapes to the winery’s
               production facility at the beginning of September.       800 582-7797
               Patrick Rawn, General Manager and head of vine-
               yard operations, says that crush season increases      Glass Apparatus for the Wine Laboratory
               the winery and farm labor team by about 30 work-          Acclaimed by enologists across the continent!
               ers. Equipment maintenance is also a priority.

                                                                                     The RD80 Volatile Acid Still, which
                 “Our primary preparation is ensuring all equip-                     now is the Wine Industry standard, is
               ment, both farm and winery, is fully serviced                         an improvement on the Cash Still for
                                                                                     determination of volatile acids in wine.
               and prepared to operate safely and efficiently.
               Additionally, any new equipment is installed and                      It features an aspirator pump to remove
                                                                                     the spent sample, which speeds testing,
               operational by [August 1], so any kinks can be                        saves water, avoids repair bills and pre-
               worked out, and the team properly trained. We                         vents cross contamination of samples.
               also try to predict what the timing will be so we       The R&D SO2 Apparatus uses the
               can be sure our hand labor teams are large enough.      Aeration Oxidation Method to maxi-
                                                                       mize testing accuracy. It was specifi-
               Along with this is training of any additional team      cally designed for this mandated test
               members.”                                               in consultation with enologists.
                                                                       Flexible spherical joints and inter-
                 On the same grape-growing 45th parallel is            changeable flasks facilitate simple
                                                                       operation and minimize breakage.
               Black Star Farms. The family-owned winemaking               We manufacture a full line of wine laboratory
               enterprise, located on the Leelanau Peninsula of            equipment, and also provide Glassware Design
               Northern Michigan, typically begins harvest during       Engineering, Custom Fabrication & Repair Services.
                                                                             CONTACT US FOR OUR CATALOG
               the last week of September. Lee Lutes, winemaker
               and managing member, says that this year’s timeta-             Research & Development Glass Products & Equipment, Inc.
               ble for the winery could be different.                         “Suppliers of Lab Glassware to the Wine Industry since 1967”
                                                                                      1808 Harmon Street • Berkley, CA 94703
                                                                              Phone: 510-547-6464 • Fax: 510-547-3620
                 “Harvest typically begins the last week of                  Email:  • Website:

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