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In The Winery

               Crush Season Opens with New

               Methods and Challenges

               By: Cheryl Gray
               A       nnual harvests of wine grapes are already      For these reasons and more, this year’s crush sea-

                                                                    son demands a new approach. Such is the case in
                       underway, and that means two words are
                       now in motion: crush season.
                                                                    Texas, where Texas Custom Wine Works, located
                                                                    just outside Lubbock, services vineyards across the
                 Whether in-house winery processing or custom       Lone Star State. Cary Franklin is Vice President.
               crush and wine production services, crush season
               2020 is like no other. While the challenges in each     “One thing to note about this year is that we have
               wine region are different, industry experts say      seen widespread damage across the High Plains
               that there are universal standards. The checklist    of Texas from an early freeze [last] October. Most
               includes planning, preparation, equipment main-      growers are down 50 to 80% of their average crop.
               tenance, PPE for workers, supplies, lab testing for   Many plants are completely wiped out and have
               grapes, and, this year, health and safety measures   been cut down and re-planted,” says Franklin. “The
               that protect against the coronavirus pandemic.       Texas wine industry has been forced to become
               Not only is COVID-19 impacting crush season, but     very creative to sell wine during COVID-19 related
               unusual weather in some parts of the United States  closures. The loss of sales, combined with a major
               is also affecting grape harvests.                    shortage of wine grapes, is creating a very interest-
                                                                    ing situation for this harvest and possible effects
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