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In The Winery

              guests staying at least two nights a candlelit dinner
              for two, which includes a bottle from one of the          BIG WINERY TOOLS FOR
              region’s wineries.                                       SMALL WINERY BUDGETS

                            Holiday Food Pairing                      VinNOW  is a complete, integrated, winery soft-
                                                                      ware solution! One program using one database.
                                                                      VinNOW lives on your computer not in the cloud.
                Foodies looking for a Southwestern flavor to pair
              with Washington wines during the holidays turn          Unlimited FREE Live Support & Training
              to Los Hernandez Tamales, another family-owned                    Easy to Use Features:
              business in Yakima Valley. They tout an authentic             •  Wine Club
              family recipe, combining it with local, Washington            •  Point of Sale
              state ingredients, including the state’s bountiful            •  Customer Management with History
              asparagus crop. Rachel Wilburn, whose father,                 •  Credit Card Processing
                                                                            •  Shipping & Compliance
              Felipe Hernandez, started the business in 1990,               •  Inventory Management
              says the holidays are tremendously hectic for the             •  Extensive Reporting
              Hernandez clan.                                               •  Marketing & Email Campaigns
                                                                            •  QuickBooks Integration
                                                                            •  E-commerce
                “Tamales are traditionally a holiday season food.           •  Bulk Wine & Custom Crush Module
              Christmas, in particular, is the busiest time for               Also Available
              them. We open early, and everyone gets tamales          VinNOW increases
              with or without an order. We usually have 400 to        productivity & helps
              600 dozen in pre-orders, but we sell 1,000 dozens       wineries grow their
              (12,000 single tamales) by the end of the day, all      business.
              made by hand.” Wilburn says that Los Hernandez  
              Tamales is also called upon all over Washington to
              participate in events that pair their famous tamales
              with regional wines.

                Gingerbread co-stars with wines at Desert Wind
              Winery, which supports a local charity through
              its annual “Gingerbread Build Off.” This holi-
              day-themed event, held in November, draws pro-
              fessional bakers from throughout the Yakima Valley
              region.  Wine barrels serve as the background for
              gingerbread creations large and small in a winery
              whose Southwestern style architecture belies its
              Washington state location.

                It’s not difficult to see how the holidays bring out
              the best in wineries and related industries across
              the United States. From charitable giving to savvy
              marketing, synergy builds between businesses that
              understand the value of partnerships during the
              holiday season.

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