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In The Winery

              Practical Brettanomyces

              Control in the Cellar

              By: Thomas J. Payette, Winemaking Consultant
              M          any winemakers overlook some of the        better understand what a Brett microbe might look

                                                                    like please see the author’s portrayal photograph.
                         practical control aspects of minimizing
                         Brettanomyces [Brett] growth in their
              wines.  This article will address some of the items   This is obviously humor ladies and gentleman to set
                                                                    the stage.
              and their circumstances that we should keep in
              mind while working with our juices and wines.  This                      Cleanliness
              article is more a reflection of experience than one
              jammed with technical data.  It is assumed the          No doubt - the first aspect of controlling Brett
              reader knows and is aware of Brettanomyces.  To       is cleanliness.  A dirty cellar with poor equipment

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