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In The Winery


               Bringing the Past Into the Present

               By: Nan McCreary
               W         ine fermented, aged and stored in clay     ing, where the vessels were known

                                                                    as “qvevris.” The technique is still
                         amphora, a practice that originated in
                         Georgia 6,000-8,000 years ago, is experi-
                                                                    today. In fact, qvevri-winemaking
               encing a renaissance around the globe as winemak-    practiced throughout the country
               ers realize that this ancient technique brings new   is so integral to their culture that
               opportunities to viniculture.                        this winemaking technique has
                                                                    been added to the UNESCO World
                 An amphora is “an ancient Greek or Roman jar or    Heritage list.
               vase with a large oval body, narrow cylindrical neck
               and two handles that rise almost to the level of       Today, partially inspired by the
               the mouth.” In ancient times, amphorae were the      popularity of Georgia’s qvevri-aged
               principal means for transporting and storing grapes,  orange wine, winemakers in Old World countries
               olive oil, wine, oil, olives, grain, fish and other sup-  that once used and abandoned the ancient prac-
               plies. Georgia was the center of amphora winemak-    tice are now using amphorae to bring their wines

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