About Us

The Grapevine Magazine’s mission is to bring together Buyers and Suppliers in the viniculture industry. Our goal is to connect all geographical markets in order to strengthen and advance the viniculture industry.

Our readership consists of professionals involved in both Winery and Vineyard businesses. We have industry leaders from around the country that have joined The Grapevine Magazine as contributing writers. Their expertise provides you with the most valuable news, information and research in the industry for all regions.

The Magazine

The Grapevine Magazine is an industry leader providing you with a wide collection of products and services. We are the largest circulated and read viniculture publication in North America, and we provide the most economical CPM than any similary industry publication. With both FREE Print and Digital issues, we currently mail to 29,000+!

Advertising in The Grapevine Magazine is superior in the viniculture industry as we provide you with the greatest value, the most exposure and extra services available in the industry.

Online Advertising

The Grapevine Magazine’s website has grown quickly in popularity and content! We received over 168,000 hits in 2019 and are on track to significantly exceed this number in 2020! 

Interactive Buy and Sell Network (IBSN)

The Grapevine Magazine’s Interactive Buy and Sell Network (IBSN) provides you with consistent and relevant suppliers, consultants and services for both the wine and grape industry. The IBSN is FREE so just click the IBSN at the top of this page and get started finding the equipment and service your business needs!  The Grapevine Magazine is committed to providing you with the most accurate information available and GUARANTEE all listings are current.

Talk to one of our experienced Sales Executives today at (877) 892-5332 Toll Free or email us at editor@brickerpublishing.com.  Cheers!