PerCarb® – Dual Mode of Action for Effective Disease Control Management on CA Wine Grapes

EAST HARTFORD, CT – PerCarb is an EPA-registered contact foliar bactericide/fungicide with residual activity designed to treat and control plant pathogens on a wide range of crops. Its formula consists of odorless, sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate granules that provide superb coverage on a crop’s surface. PerCarb kills foliar pathogens on contact while inhibiting fungal and spore development through changes of pH and osmotic pressure of microbial cells. This dual mode of action is especially useful when combating powdery mildew commonly found in vineyards.

PerCarb is also an excellent component of any well-rounded IPM program. For vineyard applications, it is recommended to rotate PerCarb and OxiDate® 5.0 for complete foliar disease control. Both formulas work harmoniously to completely eradicate pathogens, ensuring healthy and flavorful grapes with every harvest.

For any questions or where to find PerCarb in your area, call BioSafe Systems at 888.273.3088.

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